Capitol Hill Deliveries

No one knows Capitol Hill and all their special requirements like Apple Courier & Washington Express. We have made more deliveries to and from Capitol Hill than any other courier company. We've made sure that both our staff and couriers are well trained in all of the special procedures and requirements associated with deliveries to and from Capitol Hill. Apple & Washington Express also specialize in coordinating and delivering large distributions deliveries to congressional office buildings at competetive rates.

The Apple & Washington Express Advantage:

  • Couriers and staff know all of the special requirements and procedures.
  • Service available 24/7/365
  • Immediate proof of delivery
  • Web ordering and tracking
  • Immediate notification of any problems or delays

Congressional Seat Holding Services

Apple & Washington Express provide professional, competitively priced line-standing services for congressional and judicial hearings. If you need to attend a Congressional hearing but don't have time to stand in line yourself, give us a call. Apple & Washington Express also have a team that specializes in monitoring the Congressional hearing schedules as well as any lines forming at specific hearings.